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Get results according to the price of gold in real time.

Gold calculator

Calculate your gold at the actual market price. Follow the next steps:

1. Weight your gold

2. Specify the weight where indicated.

3. Wait for the result of the amount you will receive according to the weight entered

** Please note that the amount may be subject to change according to the variable rate of gold in real time.

Gold price per ounce troy --- CAD

We Buy Your Gold Jewelry

Jamil Jewelry Store offers you an easy way to receive cash by exchanging your unwanted gold jewelry. The prices are the same as on the market and are calculated using our gold calculator giving the value in real time. The transaction is done securely in store, however you can still test the total weight of your jewelry at home and get an estimate of the amount you will receive.

* Prices are subject to bite due to the movement of gold in the market.
** The price of gold buyback depends on the actual alloy of the metal. (Gold jewelry should not be attracted to a magnet).

Contact us with the jewelry sales information or come see us in store!

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