Jewelry Repairs

Give a second life to your favorite jewels before they are condemned to oblivion. Sometimes a piece may seem impossible to fix, but don't give up hope. Come see our experts in store for a jewelry health consultation, we are used to making small miracles.


A service for all types of jewelry

Our jewelers are not only experienced, but they also share a passion that has been passed down from father to son for several generations. It is therefore with a love for their profession and for jewelry that our exceptional jewelers will offer you the best repair service.

The work is carried out in our workshops equipped for this purpose. Whether you want to tighten the sleeves that hold the diamond of your ring or change the diamond itself, our team is there for you and your jewel.

By virtue of its expertise and qualifications, BJamil is able to choose the best repair technique that is appropriate to the condition of your jewel. Our experts regularly work with diamonds, gold, silver and other materials. In addition, the family business has equipped itself with the best tools to manufacture or repair all types of jewelry.

Precision & Thoroughness

Magic fingers for the most detailed jewelry

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