Our Watchmaking Services

We have a few services established by our experts for watches such as battery replacement, case or bracelet cleaning and restoration.

Watch Restoration

This service aims to take care of the aesthetics of the watch as well as its internal health in order to restore it to its original condition, without loss of value. Come see us for to restore your favorite wrist accessory!

Battery Change

It is important to change your battery at least once a year to prevent it from contaminating other parts of the watch mechanism. Our watch specialists have the techniques and tools to accomplish this task.

Bracelet Restoration

Is your watch in perfect condition but its strap shows signs of wear and tear? No problem because we have a refurbishment service for it and the restoration of material.

You can contact us for more information or make an appointment with us, otherwise you can also bring it directly to the store on Mont-Royal Avenue or Masson Street and we will take care of it.